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Take the Right Path to Wellness

7134We are dedicated to helping you live a healthy life. This begins with taking a more active, participatory approach to care and pursuing specialty coordination to a much higher level than your typical primary care office. As concierge Internal Medicine specialists, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth knowledge, attention, and participation in all aspects of our patients’ healthcare needs.

Here are just a few of the services we offer that make us different, all combined with the comfort and confidence of knowing our main agenda is your well being.

Extended Visits With No Waiting

As your concierge physician, we understand that it’s important to be there when you need us – and your visits should never be rushed. We schedule generous appointment times to ensure that your questions are answered and concerns addressed. If you leave our office and forget to ask something, just give us a call.

Healthy living through preventative care
We provide thorough health screenings, annual physical exams and evaluations of your current state of health with a focus on preventing illness. Our physicians will then help you find the best diet, exercise and lifestyle to keep you on the path to good health.

Flexible appointment scheduling
Our concierge medical office is here to handle your needs in the most convenient way possible for you. That includes flexible options for when you come to see us. This helps us create a pleasurable, non-stressful experience, from the time you walk in until all your questions are answered.

Assistance with specialists
While we are a private primary care practice, we maintain time-tested relationships with trusted specialists in all areas of medicine. These are hand-picked healthcare providers that meet our exacting standards of knowledge, service and compassion. Should you need to see a specialist, we can accompany you to the visit and make sure you’re completely comfortable throughout the experience. We also review your medical records with the specialist and provide consulting as needed.

Dietary and exercise counseling
Good health starts with a great diet. Our on-site certified dietitian will determine and customize a complete nutrition and exercise plan that’s right for your body and daily needs.

A smile and a friendly face – every time
We get to know each one of our patients and enjoy seeing them healthy and happy. Our entire staff is delighted to cater to you and support your ongoing health. We treat patients as if they were members of our own family.

Focus on your path to wellness
Many illnesses can be prevented by a maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle. At LernerCohen, we advocate health promotion, not just the treatment of disease. We learn about each patient’s history to better address diet, exercise, sleep, and energy concerns, along with routine medical issues.

House calls available when appropriate.
Some patients may not be able to visit us in office due to severe illness or injury. House call visits are available when appropriate at no additional cost. Please call us for more information.