A Resolution of the Sarasota County Public Hospital Board Sarasota, Florida

WHEREAS, Brad Lerner, MD, is hereby honored for his invaluable service as Chief Medical Administrative Officer of SMH Physician Services Incorporated, doing business as First Physicians Group of Sarasota, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Lerner was a founding member of SMH Physician Services Incorporated and worked tirelessly for more than a decade to help build one of the largest physician organizations on the Gulf Coast of Florida — a group whose productivity and efficiency has been nationally recognized, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Lerner has been a major force behind the many achievements of the Group, assiduously working on behalf of the Medical Staff, the employees and the patients they serve, while balancing the demanding responsibilities of his busy private internal medicine practice, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Lerner’s integrity, superlative leadership and dedication to patient care have made him a true role model of clinical excellence,

WHEREAS, Dr. Lerner bore the heavy weight of social marginality, balancing his responsibilities and alliances with both Medical Staff and System Administration, making him both a hero and enemy of both at times, but showing the courage and fortitude to do the right thing regardless of the personal repercussions he suffered, and

WHEREAS, Dr. Lerner has always displayed a sense of urgency in his responsibilities, an unwavering expectation for excellence in results, a sense of humor and fun about the job at hand, a sense of compassion and caring for the employees of the organization, and a remarkable passion about everything he does,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that although Dr. Lerner has fulfilled his responsibilities as Chief Medical Administrative Officer of SMH Physician Services Incorporated he will continue to be held in high respect by our medical community as a physician of superior clinical knowledge and skill, by his patients as a caring and compassionate healer, and by our System as a leader whose legacy of excellence will continue to positively impact our community for many years.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that his distinguished achievements will be disseminated upon the records of this great health care organization for all to read for years to come.


Gwen MacKenzie, President and Chief Executive Officer
Sarasota County Public Hospital Board     

Don Albertson, Chairman,
Sarasota County Public Hospital Board


Approved and recorded this 1st day of December, 2005

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