Peace of Mind Worth Boutique Fee

I have read your articles on boutique doctors. My husband and I signed on with LernerCohen Healthcare when the office opened in 2005. My husband passed away recently — Dec. 22 — in the Critical Care Unit at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.. I truly believe we had him the extra years because of this type of medicine.

Dr. Brad Lerner was always there for me and my children whenever we called. I didn’t have to wait until office hours were over. The office made an appointment immediately, if my husband required it, and that included a house call. My children from New York and Massachusetts felt comfortable calling the office if they had any questions about their father.

My older daughter developed shingles during the critical care period, and because of Dr. Lerner’s immediate attention, she has had a milder case.

He was my overseer with all the specialists. They all reported back to him. If Dr. Lerner was away, Dr. Louis Cohen was there and knew all of my husband’s issues.

Their office staff are wonderful and caring. The fee paid for this service is minimal, in light of the peace of mind that families receive.

Edith N. Weinberger
Longboat Key

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