Getting to Know You

Imagine walking into a quaint neighborhood bookstore to find the latest, greatest novel. The owner is there to greet you by name, offer you some coffee, ask you about how your grandchild is doing in dealing with college applications, and lead you to the new book by your favorite author. That owner knows you, knows your family, and is eager to meet your specific needs. That personal, private, detailed care is exactly what LernerCohen provides every day through our concierge medicine practice.

Why Screen?

As a patient, you have unlimited access to us—24/7, but one of the most beneficial and informative services we provide is the health care screening that is a significant part of your extended annual physical examination. The primary goal of this screening is to check for diseases or conditions before you experience any symptoms or, preferably, to prevent the disease or illness from ever occurring. We want to avoid illness, and through the screenings, we can identify existing or potential health problems and eliminate the cause, provide treatment, offer resources, or refer you to specialists so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What happens next?

Your annual health care screening is an extended visit, offered during flexible hours where we, together, have time to review the results of any testing that has been completed, discuss any further tests that might need to occur and answer any questions that you have. This visit is a perfect example of the expanded, attention a concierge doctor can provide to you. We can offer significantly more personal care because we have chosen to have fewer patients.

At LernerCohen, we want you to be healthy and happy, and we know that our annual health care screening is an extremely important component of our service. We want you to appreciate that we are just like the owner of that neighborhood bookstore. We know you; we appreciate you and we want to provide the care that you need, whenever you need it. “We care for you because we care about you.”

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