We Had the Coronavirus

To the Patients of Dr. Brad Lerner:

My wife and I have been clients of Dr. Lerner’s for years. However, I am writing this note to all of his patients because we have just experienced something quite amazing. I also feel somewhat qualified to make the comments herein because I have a vast business background, but also worked with President Bush (41), with Secretary Colin Powell, and have years as a consultant to Dr. C. Everrett Koop, our former US Surgeon General.

On or about March 10th, we had visitors from Chicago at our home in the Venice Area.  They left on the 15th and almost immediately my wife and I became sick.  We had the Coronavirus.  I called Dr. Lerner immediately, and given my sickness got worse, Dr. Lerner arranged for me to be taken to the emergency room at Sarasota Memorial on the 17th. On the ride to the hospital the EMT tried to prep me that it would take some time for me to be processed at the hospital, and perhaps days before I could be tested. When we arrived and checked in, I was immediately taken to a private room where at least four nurses and doctors were waiting. Within the first 15 minutes, I had a half dozen tests, including a chest X-ray, and even a coronavirus test. Within an hour I was moved to a private room on the 7th floor where I had a half dozen incredible nurses (day and night) assigned to take care of me.

Dr. Lerner visited my floor and via “face time” spoke to me constantly, multiple times each day.  He also consulted with some of the most important doctors in infectious diseases and pulmonary health (I also had pneumonia). My wife was not as sick as I was, so she remained home with my daughter assisting her. Dr. Lerner called them at least three times a day, 7 days a week, to ensure they were taking all of the meds that he had prescribed.  

Dr. Lerner researched the globe constantly and prescribed unique treatments for my virus.  Yesterday, I was cleared by the Health Department as “cured” and no longer contagious.  I returned home yesterday morning. 

Our friends in Chicago, who had the exact strain of the virus that we had, are now dying with organ shut down. There is absolutely no doubt that Dr. Brad Lerner, and his incredible team of doctors and staff, saved our lives.  My wife and I will always be in his debt.  Again, I am writing this to all of his patients so that you might know that in the opinion of one patient, this is a very special person.

John C.